New Features

Screen, Video, & iOS Recording
GIF Brewery now can record videos from your screen, webcams, or even iOS 8+ devices. These videos are stored in ~/Movies/GIF Brewery 3/ and automatically open in GIF Brewery once finished recording.
To stop screen recording, press the Red Record button by the clock in the menu bar.
If you have multiple screens, move the Screen Recording window to the display you wish to record and then press record.
Loop Preview
You can now preview the loop before creating it.
Frames management
You can now view the frames for your selected clip.
Saved Frames
GIF Brewery now lets you add frames to "Saved Frames", where you can rearrange and delete frames. You can also double click a frame to edit that frame's delay time.
Calculate Frame Count & Delay
While using this option, the frame count is now live-updated in the GIF Properties panel as you adjust the clip's length. The frame count and delay are also updated when you change the FPS value.
New Filters
You may now apply new photo effects, such as Noir, Transfer, and Chrome. These are the same ones that you see in Apple's iOS Camera app.
You may now type in the exact dimensions while cropping.
Video Playback
Videos are now in a scroll view! High-res videos should no longer be hidden from you.
Other Changes
Brand new single window UI.
Simplified the color options.
Rearranged the toolbar icons to better match Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.
Improved how GIF Brewery handles resizing.
The GIF view now displays the GIF in a web view, so it should properly mimic how the GIF file will perform in Safari.
Added share menu to GIF view, so you can send the GIF directly via e-mail or Messages.
GIF Brewery 3 is not compatible with GIF Brewery 2.X save files.
Behind The Scenes
GIF Brewery 3 is now 64-bit and currently requires OS X 10.11 or higher. This means GIF Brewery can now handle many more frames in a GIF. Please use this power with caution.
GIF Brewery 3 now uses Apple's AVFoundation framework instead of their Quicktime framework, since the Quicktime framework is deprecated, no longer supported, and pretty much banned from the Mac App Store.
GIF Brewery no longer directly supports Quicktime components, such as Perian, since AVFoundation doesn't support them. If and when Apple supports adding more codec support, GIF Brewery will enable them. So, if you're wanting to open *.mkv or *.avi files, you'll want to continue using GIF Brewery 2.3.4. However, feel free to bring your *.mp4, *.m4v, *.qt, *.mov, *.mpg, *.3gp, and *.m2v files to the GIF Brewery 3 party.
For unsupported files, consider using Handbrake to create *.mp4 files for GIF Brewery to use.
February 25, 2016
GIF Brewery 3 released!

Create GIF

Creates a GIF based on your current clip and GIF settings.

The current clip can be set by using the "Set Start" and "Set End" buttons at the bottom of the window.

The GIF settings can be altered by opening the GIF settings pane.

GIF creation time and file size are dependent heavily on frame count, video dimensions, and color settings.


Opens the Frames pane.

In the Frames pane, you can view all the frames that'll be used to create the GIF.

Additionally, you can choose frames to save to your "Saved Frames". You can then create GIFs from your "Saved Frames". This allows you to completely control the frames used by GIF Brewery.

This even allows you to create a GIF from multiple clips from your video.

Preview Loop

Previews the frames as loop.

This does not preview the final GIF output, since no GIF compression is applied.

Resize Video

Resizes the video.

It will attempt to keep the proper aspect-ratio. However, you can resize the height and width individually, if you wish.

Crop Video

Crops the video to a particular rectangle.

The dimensions of the cropping rectangle can either be entered manually or by dragging the cropping handles to desired size.

You can move the cropping rectangle by clicking anywhere inside the rectangle and dragging it to a new location.

New Caption

Add new caption to video. You can edit the text, font, and other properties of the new caption before adding.

If you wish to save your caption as the default settings for new captions, press the push-pin button.


Shows the Overlays pane on the right side of the window.

You can edit overlays properties (such as opacity or blending mode), re-arrange overlays, and remove overlays.

Double-clicking a caption overlay lets you edit the caption.

Overlays (captions & images) are unaffected by filters and video transformations.

GIF Settings

Shows the GIF Settings pane on the right side of the window.

Your GIF settings are quite important! Below is an explanation of each setting.

GIF Properties

Frame Count
The number of frames that will be extracted between the start and end point. The frames are evenly spaced.
Frame Delay
The length of time (in ms) that each frame will be displayed for in the created GIF. This need not be equal to how long the frame was displayed in the video.
Calculate Frame Count & Delay
Automatically calculate the frame count & delay based on a desired frames per second (FPS) for the created GIF. For example, if the FPS is set to 10 and your GIF clip duration is 2.5 seconds, the frame count will be 25 and frame delay will be 100ms.
Frames Per Second
The frames per second of the created GIF.
Loop Type
The order in which the frames will be used in the GIF. Palindrome means frames will first be shown normally and then in reverse.
Loop Count
The number of times to show the loop. 0 is the same as repeat forever.
Loop Delay
When this is not zero, this changes the final frames frame delay to this property. For example, if you wish for your GIF to play, stop for a second, and repeat, set the Loop Delay to 1000.
Optimize GIF Colors
Since GIFs can use at most 256 colors, before GIF creation, GIF Brewery can analyze the frames to find the best colors, while also reducing GIF file size. If turned off, GIF Brewery yields the GIF creation process entirely to Apple's image library. While fast, the output may be lackluster.
Color Count
The number of colors GIF Brewery should use in the final GIF. More colors means GIF creation take longs, but created GIF generally has higher fidelity.
Different methods for applying the chosen palette. Read more at wikipedia.
Enhanced Color Optimization
Take additional time finding the best colors.
How To Contact GIF Brewery Support? — Our e-mail inbox is always open! This is preferred for technical support and bug reports. However, any and all feedback is also welcome.
@gifbrewery — Feel free to tweet us with feedback and suggestions. However, with technical support and bug reports, we'll ask to move the discussion to e-mail.

Some frequently asked questions from our inbox & timeline.

Could you please make GIF Brewery for Windows or iOS?
While flattered that you want GIF Brewery on a non-Mac OS platform, we currently have no plans to port it.