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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of common questions about GIF Brewery. If you cannot find your answer, feel free to contact us. We’ll definitely try to resolve any issues or answer any queries with regards to GIF Brewery.

GIF Brewery Technical Issues

GIF Brewery is crashing!
New! — Please visit common GIF Brewery issues & crashes.
The most common reasons for crashes are out-dated Quicktime Components, such as 3ivX, Perian, Flip4Mac, or DivX. Due to Apple's Sandbox restrictions, older Quicktime components may crash GIF Brewery. Thus, you should either upgrade the component or remove it. If you need assistance with this, please contact us.
If you are using OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, you can check your sandbox by downloading the free Sandbox Cleaner from the Mac App Store. It will point out any problematic Quicktime components.
Still crashing!
Contact us via email. We're dedicated to diagnosing and fixing GIF Brewery errors. However, we cannot do this without your help.
GIF Brewery is stuck on "Movie Loading...".
If you are using an additional monitor connected via a DisplayLink device, GIF Brewery is not supported for technical reasons.
Otherwise, make sure the video format & codec are supported by Quicktime. You may also contact us via email for additional help.

GIF Brewery Questions

Where may I get GIF Brewery?
GIF Brewery is available exclusively via the Mac App Store.
Do you offer volume discounts/purchases of GIF Brewery?
Sadly, not at this time, but hopefully soon Apple will introduce this feature to the Mac App Store.
Can GIF Brewery open movie files purchased / rented from iTunes Store?
No. These files have DRM, which means only Apple's products may play them back.
So, what types of files can GIF Brewery open?
GIF Brewery natively supports the file formats & codecs listed on Apple's Quicktime support page.
But I have lots of AVIs, FLVs, WMVs, MKVs, etc... that aren't on that list!
While GIF Brewery doesn't officially support them, you may want to consider looking into installing Quicktime components that support those file types. For example, Perian can be used to enable support for AVI, FLV, & MKV files.
Perian isn't working...
Make sure it is installed correctly.
I have a video that isn’t working… Help!
Please send us an e-mail with more information on the video. We’ll try and figure out what is going on.
Help! GIF Brewery is crashing/buggy.
Again, please e-mail us. Bugs are bad and we definitely want to fix any issues!
Didn’t GIF Brewery used to be called something else?
It was, but GIF Brewery is the new name.

GIF Settings Questions

What does the “Frames Per Second” setting do?
This setting automatically calculates the frame count and delay for you, based on the length of the clip you have selected.
How is frame delay measured?
Frame delay is measured in milliseconds. (1000 ms = 1 second)
What is a good frame delay?
100 ms is a decent frame delay, which is equivalent to 10fps.
What if I want a 24fps GIF?
42 ms is roughly 24fps.
How do I convert frames per second to frame delay?
frame delay = 1000 / (frames per second)
I changed the GIF settings, but the created GIF didn’t register them! What gives?
Press the [Enter] key after changing the value to force GIF Brewery to register the change.

Created GIF Questions

What determines GIF size?
Number of colors, number of frames, and frame dimensions.
Why does the GIF look different outside of my browser?
OS X limits GIFs to 10fps everywhere except Safari 5, Chrome, and other modern browsers. This, unfortunately, includes the in-app preview of the GIF.
Why does my GIF not play on Tumblr?
Tumblr requires GIFs to be under 1MB and have a width less than 500 pixels. As long as your GIF meets those two requirements, you should be fine. GIF Brewery will turn the file size red to indicate that the GIF's file size is too large for Tumblr.
Why does my GIF not play on {Some Image Host}?
Always make sure your GIF meets the size requirements of your host.